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Darren Hobson

in archivio dal 03 ott 2009

11 luglio 1972, Preston - Italia

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Sono inglese!

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Super strano, grande talento, ansioso!

03 ottobre 2009


Once upon a time, I must have started on the right road,
As all travelers do, with a map, with a tom tom tom
Or any other device that will lead you up the alley,
But somewhere along the crooked line,
I must have made a lengthy diversion,
Maybe when I was not looking,
Or when I was distracted, or maybe, you know,
When I was looking the wrong way up and down and all around,


But now I am here, I have to make the best of a crazy situation,
If you joined the dots to see, where I have been,
The numbers are out of sequence and my footprints not seen,
And now I am here, can I relax? Can I wait awhile?
Before this fucking roller coaster shunts up the next hill.


The pleasure, the pain, the chase, the thrill,
Enough white knuckle rides to make you ill,
And when I am up, I could be down,
And when I am happy, I wear a frown,
I am not very understandable, I am not quite right,
I could be happy at work and pissed off on a Saturday night.


But that is my diversion and I have not being following the signs,
I do not follow the orthodox route .I do not by-pass the trouble,
When I see a pile up, I push down the accelerator,
I do not go for single shots I always take the double.


And now I am here, is this my true destination,
My colours are a bit faded and my focus out of tune,
The numbers on my birthday cards are getting so much high,
And now I have arrived, so where is the welcome party?
Can I have a toast please before I get too much over the hill.

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