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Alberto Mazzoni

in archivio dal 16 gen 2009

03 settembre 1935, Roma - Italia

segni particolari:
Fisico da anziano, spirito da ventenne.

mi descrivo così:
Sono nonnobomba che mangia, beve e, talvolta,tromba!

21 settembre 2018 alle ore 16:56


Il racconto

What happens when I have nothing to do or better, I do not want to do anything? It's summer, I lie on the sofa, belly in the air, pillow under the head I admire the landscape looking out of the balcony, a landscape that is familiar to me but that I always find pleasant and relaxing. Nude, I look 'ciccio' at rest (rest sometimes interrupted by some ... resurrection, (With the passing of the years you become philosophers!) I stretch like a cat just aroused, I hear the Apatheia (memory of the classic) and I understand not be satisfied with the life that I lead.In truth reasons of contentment I do not have many: my wife, in menopause, says to love me madly but as soon as I try to put in his mouth a little tits, makes the cat unavailable in front of a horny cat. Tata, neighbor, my secret dream, he replied that 'nun is tripe pè cats' even with the offer of ten thousand € uro thinking that I do not have them, in fact I do not have them! It's just my optimism that helps me overcome daily breakdowns, while I'm alive, some of my colleagues have moved from vertical to final, horizontal, others sadly dragging on talking about diseases, others say they have reached the peace of mind, a pro that's what I do not want to think about, how do you live without the sweet 'chatte'? But my constant fantasy is the delicious Tata, I see her smile, little lines around her mouth, eyes ... with the usual expression 'Try to leave' I told her the story of a disavitant fan who, during a cruise, with remarkable face tough, manages to make a princess while the other fustacci go in white well. I did the end of the others: total white! Mò mè I know broken, that you'll never have more of the other girls? Golden fluff, lapis lazuli on the lips of the 'cat'? But see you go back to ...

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