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Alberto Mazzoni

in archivio dal 16 gen 2009

03 settembre 1935, Roma - Italia

segni particolari:
Sono nonnobomba che mangia, beve e, talvolta, tromba!

mi descrivo così:
Sono nonnobomba che mangia, beve e, talvolta,tromba!

27 febbraio 2018 alle ore 11:04


Intro: Verses dedicate at to the most pleasant thing in the world.

Il racconto

Or magical Tata, queen of pleasure, wonderful sweet companion of my sleepless nights appear to me timid, reserved, delicious half-hidden in a soft bush. Wave delightfully when your mistress walks, invisible at that moment sure of your erotic charm. I imagine you, I see you, I hear you. Your silence is deafening, you are a dispenser of happiness that upsets my senses. Talk to your lady, tell her of my shudders, of the tremor that attacks me at the thought of your existence, tell her to be generous, I will be her eternal slave. I also need kisses, small bites to inebriate me with your intense fragrance, I would hold you between my lips sucking sweetly, long until an endless thrill will not wake up from sleep with sweet whispers pouring into my mouth a soft river, unstoppable, fragrant . So I dream of you but the dream will come true? All of my being asks you, at your only thought I feel my bowels tighten, the heart baffles quickly, the breath becomes labored ... Please give a positive sign to your eternal, disconsolate, and confident in love, have mercy and also a bit of understanding, fuck!

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