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Alberto Mazzoni

in archivio dal 16 gen 2009

03 settembre 1935, Roma - Italia

segni particolari:
Sono nonnobomba che mangia, beve e, talvolta, tromba!

mi descrivo così:
Sono nonnobomba che mangia, beve e, talvolta,tromba!

27 febbraio 2018 alle ore 15:24


Intro: Alberto wants to bring earthly pleasant memories to the afterlife.

Il racconto

Hermes, god of thieves and cheaters, makes my eternal sleep consoled by what I loved most in life: from images of graceful and available young girls, from desks laden with succulent foods and exquisite wines to taste in company of convivial carefree and festive and makes sure that it is not haunted by funereal images of prediucatoei, of piagnoni or, what is worse by fools. Let me remind you of the old loves: - the sweet Raffaella with skilled hands - the smiling Adriana with bursting tits - the little Tiziana, small but with a fiery mouth - the sweet Miriam always ready to turn her back - the passionate Violetta always moist. Finally let me forget my beautiful wife Anna: elegant, clsse, haughty, scented but so cold and unfriendly. 'Ciccio' does not have a memory of her but, on the other hand, has consoled herself with her friends. please, Hermes, do that me in the afterlife, I who have never been mischievous or trickster it becomes so as not to make me steal from saints, madonnas, devils and priests masters of the afterlife as they are on this side! 

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