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Sergio Caldarella

in archivio dal 30 lug 2011

Princeton - Stati Uniti

03 agosto 2011 alle ore 1:46

The Madness of Art

It will bring you up
  it will bring you down
cursing, running, falling apart
  light and snow
right and love
bright and wrong.

Roaring over a body
  scratching the nudity of a star
stealing each line from destiny or time.
We are all poets
blind dancers
imperfect philosophers
Sculpting silence into a voice
  or a touch into a form
on a canvas;
Recklessness on the edge of a dream
disguised as an abyss
or as a game.

Madness is the unfinished gift
  or the perfect curse
of a fallen monkey
shaken by the strike of darkness
  and alive
by diving
into the burning pages of life.

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