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Giovanni Mascellaro

in archivio dal 27 lug 2007

15 gennaio 1943, Palermo - Italia

mi descrivo così:
Musicista, compositore e pianista. Altri interessi coltivati: pittura, letteratura, filosofia, esoterismo, medicina olistica.

11 giugno 2008

If you...

… If you decided so, do as you like!
Why not erase then  my face, my voice from your memory
as well as the words I never told you and
you claimed to understand?
But never, I say that never will you be able to extinguish
the melodies I composed for you
‘cause you have no power over them.
My music will remain eternally cool to your ears
even though you should happen to listen to it again long after
because it belongs to you and it will be yours forever!

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