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Giovanni Mascellaro

in archivio dal 27 lug 2007

15 gennaio 1943, Palermo

mi descrivo così:
Musicista, compositore e pianista. Altri interessi coltivati: pittura, letteratura, filosofia, esoterismo, medicina olistica.

31 marzo 2009

One day you'll know

One day you'll know what real love is
And you'll realize how much you meant to me.
In vain you'll be searching for me
And then your heart will begin to break.

My words of love will be a far, far memory;
You will want to feel me close to you
To tell me that you love me.

You'll know the pain of thinking
Of our joyous and passionate moments
While far from me whom you now love.

You'll see that it is very hard
To love one who no longer loves you

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