Conquested the conquester.

I cannot conquest the world until I conquest myself,
So far it has been a 37 year war,
I have put minimum efforts to soldier the ground,
Just like a U.N. peace keeping force,
When a area of myself is consider won,
I battle breaks out on the other side,
With the minimum resources that I have to fight,
I am neither here nor there or anywhere.
Words of inspiration ring through me,
Maybe it’s my favourite Wildhearts song,
Sometimes I am just inspired by my Elizabeth,
I person who certainly makes me belong.

She makes me want to conquest the world,
But there are not instructions to achieve this deed,
I have to improvise and do some D.I.Y.,
And with her wisdom I hope I can succeed.
From bites and nitbits of culture differences,
And with her patience which is second to none,
She has the courage to stand up to me
Something I have craved for all along.
With a head strong lass and a heartless man,
Can I really conquest the world?
With a million and one problems to crack,
Can this relationship really hold?

My questions my thoughts could break us apart,
My negative energy is so abundant,
But this lass is a head strong inspiration,
It would take Armageddon to make this love redundant.
So with positive energy flowing from this Calabrian lass,
It is down to me to make the motors turn.
Got to get my soldiers on the ground
And conquest the conquested conquester.