Missed Time

My mood is grey,
And the day is too,
I feel so far,
Away from you.

It has only been twelve hours,
Since you gave me the last kiss,
I still feel your eyes on me,
But it is the whole person that I miss.

I do not want to go to sleep,
Without you kissing me goodnight,
And I don’t want to wake up alone,
And face a day without you near.

It’s only a temporary relapse,
And I will see you again in a few days,
But I long for you to be beside me,
I want you near always.

Is that a childish way to think?
Is that the wrong thing to say?
Are my feelings a little exaggerated?
When we have only been apart a day.

Should I keep these words inside?
And not let them face the light of day,
Should I keep my hunger hidden?
Should I keep my lust at bay?

I may not be a great in some things,
I am sorry if I do fall short,
But I miss you even more,
In your web I am totally caught.

Elisa do you think the same,
Or have I gone a bit too far?
Is this another of my many defects?
Am I the whiskey in your jar?

I miss you more and more,
It sounds a bit soft maybe,
I feel depressed and a little sore,
But when you are near I am happy.
So tomorrow will I see you again?
If not I am sure it will be the day after,
The grey will turn to sunny skies,
And my tears will turn to laughter.