Alberto And The Sea

Albert and the sea. Lying on a deck chair, on the sand, his eyes closed, Albert looked sulky on a moonless night. He felt the noise of the waves that ran after the beach slapping the shoreline and then retreat silently. A light, fresh breeze caressed his body to his face, a pleasant sensation that reminded him of the caresses of his very sweet consort who, with the ever diaphanous and wise men, gave him a thrill all over his body. The landscape was sugary even if it aroused a bit of fear. On the horizon Calabria; its headlights were flashing, sometimes piercing the darkness.As flickering light at sea, fishing boats that with their lights were trying to attract fish.Incielo a star peeked in the clouds that chased each other hiding it and then rediscover it again . Aklberto was ecstatic, drunk with pleasant sensations, he felt optimistic, relaxed. In the tarpaulin of the cikelo he saw dancing girls covered only by a tiny kilt. "You see a good looking sleepy, you look for half an hour, put up your ass!" Albert's mother‐in‐law was not an example of subtlety!