John And The Jealousy

I see you restless, bewildered, suspicious of your partner . Jealousy: it is a green‐eyed monster that taunts the flesh it feeds on, Shakespeare is right; it is a feeling of the pagan gods towards men, they did not like mortals to 'make' their little girls; ‐ it is a projection of one's own insecurity towards others, it is typical of a ment and weak, envious, immature; it is the prophecy of future betrayals, your hidden side , dark veiled goddess that burns within you. If at a cocktail you notice the gazed looks of the male guests attracted by the graces of your beloved, do not light the cigarette on the side of the filter, you would be intoxicated even more; if you do not own yourself you can not own a woman. Your symbol? The avenging Erinni. Are you trying to bind your partner? You can not chained a ray of sunshine !. A lustful wife could not defeat your jealousy: it would make you go to show thatyou too ... If you look at the photos of your lady swathed by a succinct bikini, smiling offers to the bystanders a lush, prosperous and lush beautiful see you do not have to complain stating : "You should not do it" not explaining to whom you refer: to the consort too generous; to the photographer who has earned us; all'allupato , dazzled spectator who admires the images. Your most hated persecutor? Andronicus 1st Emperor of Byzantium who codified the horns by hanging those of the deer he hunted on the walls of the palaces belonging to the horned husbands. For the protuberances of which you are so concerned, turn to the gods Dionysus or Pan if you are pagan or, if Catholic, in San Giuseppe and also in San Martino, they know something about it. Try to turn the page: lying on a soft bed with romantic music in the background, close your eyes and imagine your beloved who languidly emits small howls hidden under the body of a robust mask and who, looking at you, whispers: "I'm with him but it is as if you were lying count, my joy is also yours ... admire his tough face! Here you see how things should go, she would be more calm and happy, you would earn us because a trained wife is like an athlete: it makes more! And finally, do not you think that my advice should be rewarded? Please put a good word in my favor with your beloved, I would be so grateful!