Are you happy with what you’ve got

So are you happy with what you’ve got,
Or do you aspire for something greater,
Or you always devising new plans of attack,
From the left, from the right, below or above?   Does it have to be faster?
Or slower and more in control,
Does it have to be clearer?
A point underlined, well defined, highlighted, and spotlighted
Bold text, bigger text, placed in red, flashing lights in neon blue??   Or do you let things go by and maybe you will change the world tomorrow,
Until then, the worlds not doing so bad with out your interference,
Surely it can get by with no help from you,
Today you have betting things to do…   They may amount to nothing, but nothing doesn’t get done on its own
They are too many “want to be” saints trying to heal the sick,
While creaming off the giver, and pissing on the faith,
Of the poor, of the needy and the sick and the not so lucky.   So now are you happy with what they have got?
When you have got so much more?
So much greed can you really now afford?
What some more? There is an abundant supply in the western world,
Were greed outstrips food a million to one,
Another famine, another war, look  it’s on the 24 hour news channel,
Write you views, by email, on your high tech lap top,
That could feed a village in the middle of the Sudan,
But you could not resist the “buy now pay later”,
And you was not happy with the computer than you had,
It was two years old and Gates had renewed all the IT,
For a faster download and securer email, which is all bullshit,
Because as the years go by, the internet is more open to attack,
Just like more people are dying in Iraq,
Maybe Afghanistan, where the West want to preach their culture
On their eastern believes, so its war, but what for?   So now are you happy with what the world has got?
From the greed in the west to the war and hunger on the right,
But this does count for shit when it’s Saturday night,
When you can drink your weekly earnings in a four hour spell,
Puking up in the high street and generally raising hell,
Oh want rebels you are, in this world you will go far,
Just as long as there is the current three minute hit single,
Throbbing on your body as you’re consuming chemical additives
Which is seen as cool, and sweating, and vomiting, and fighting
All become a new pass time which becomes a new craze.
Oh won’t mummy be pleased with her bright young daughter,
Who drank half the Thames and laid half of Wembley.
What fun, to be kid, today. Let’s go out to play.   So you are really happy with the world today?
Half the world is drunk or drugged,
Not that I am saying that I am any better,
And half the world is below the poverty line,
But we all say “I am happy with this life of mine”
But are we really? Is there no guilt? No fear?
Could we not share? Show we care? Eradicate our greed?
Do we have to be religious just to give a shit?
Or could we help our neighbour without reciting the bible?
Could we divide our bread without thinking of the last supper?
Can we be free, from all that was, that should not be?   Or are you happy with what you saw on the news channel.
Did you swallow the dose in one gulp or just had a nibble,
Did you come back for afters, or still glued to the box?
You want some more, you TV whore?
Are you happy now with what you got.