Jeena, a story of a bisexual

Jeena, a story of a bisexual ...

At first sight, it may seem a story forbidden to minors because of the strong and lustful hues, but it is not so, not only that...!

Once the superficial analysis has been avoided, the message is much deeper and is revealed only in the end.

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by Giovanni Mascellaro

I too was normal until a few years ago. It all happened by accident when one day a former middle school classmate of mine came to see me that I hadn't seen in so many years. She had made herself very beautiful, tall, blonde, with a pair of legs and a breast to turn even the little boys. She too had found me changed (of course, almost ten years had passed and we were not yet "ladies"). She was very social; she had had a good marriage but she did not want children! The husband? A handsome man (she showed me the picture), much older than she, was an industrialist from Catania. She expressed a desire to spend a few days in Messina in my company (she had been living in Catania for a long time). I was immediately thrilled. Thus we would have had the opportunity to recall the times of our adolescence; we would talk about our friends, about the first palpitations. Sonia ‐ this was her name ‐ settled down in my apartment and put what she had in her suitcase in my closet. After having dinner and watching a movie on TV, we were both caught in our sleep. I showed her the room where she had to sleep while I went to my bedroom. "What? Do you make me sleep alone? No, not! I want to sleep in the big bed with you, we're together, we talk, come on!" For me, it was the most natural thing in this world and I was happy to adhere to her proposal. I've always slept with a nightgown, though without a bra and panties, but Sonia took it all off and slipped under the sheets completely naked, saying she was used to sleeping like that. After talking a little bit, I turned off the light and fell asleep. In the course of the night, I began to feel something strange: I thought I was dreaming of something annoying; I had the cravings and, waking up suddenly, I could catch a glimpse of Sonia's face that was almost touching mine...! "How beautiful you are, Jeena, you look like an angel! I watched you sleep; your breath is so slight and your hands open on the pillow‐like those of a newborn who sleeps blissfully. The scent of your skin is then extraordinarily intoxicating! I kissed you for a long time, you know? I stroked your breasts, your pubis: I had my fingers flowed between your soft hair. Then, I couldn't resist anymore and I kissed these wonderful lips of yours so fleshy and inviting. And you suddenly woke up!" Sonia, what the fuck are you doing? What's the same? What piece of bitch are you? lesbian! Are you this? Oh my God! Get up, get dressed, get out of here, filthy you're nothing else! That's why you wanted to sleep with me!" I went to the bathroom and started vomiting, thinking about the kisses Sonia had given me! It was an eloquent sign of the trace of lipstick left on my lips and that I could see looking at myself in the mirror. She asked me and begged for forgiveness. She would never again dare; she didn't want me to see her as an outsider. She told me she had had a moment of bewilderment. She began to cry and hugged me sobbing. She was naked and I felt her breasts against mine; had like jolts; trembled; She told me that she loved me as a friend, that she would never want me to talk to her. I took her face in my hands to cheer her up: her eyes filled with tears seemed even brighter and more expressive: she was beautiful. Now she was inches away from me; I could discover the perfection of her features, the nose, the gorgeous mouth, the white teeth and the dimple on the chin. Her cheeks were soft, even her breath was pleasant, she knew of apple. I had a strange feeling never felt until then: a great tenderness and the need to make her feel that my affection for her would never end. It was a little cold and I took the bathrobe and put it on my shoulders. We went back to bed and I gave her a kiss apologizing for my reaction. "I'm sorry, Sonia, but believe me I didn't expect it... I didn't want to be so rough with you...". Come beside me" ‐ she replied in a sweet voice ‐ "put your head on my arm, sleep like this with me, do not be afraid; stay quiet!" After a few minutes, Sonia had fallen asleep. I watched her in the dim light: the tip of my nose grazed her right breast; I could smell her armpit, a scent that urged me to "breathe" her more and more and get closer to her. Her naked body was warm; I slowly removed the blanket to find out: it was magnificent. My eyes had become accustomed to the dim light and so I could distinguish the shape of the thighs, the belly without a slight trace of fat or cellulite. The pubis well pronounced and full of hair; the bursting breast: Sonia was indeed a triumph of nature! I covered her very carefully to prevent her from waking up; so I squeezed a little more at her by putting my hand on her breasts, obeying an irrepressible impulse that at that moment urged me to do so. I needed to touch her, palpate her, feel her breath, her scent. My head throbbed, and I felt my heart as if it were in turmoil. At one point, I lifted myself a little and reached out to her. Now it was I who wanted to kiss her; just me that I had vomited two hours earlier because she had touched my lips... Yes, it was a contradiction, but I couldn't hold back, I needed that contact and kissed her very tenderly. Sonia opened her eyes, uttered a barely perceptible groan, and parted her lips to be able to wet mine. It was an extraordinary kiss: our tongues seemed to intertwine, to challenge each other, penetrate in unison now in my mouth soon after in hers. Sonia suddenly lifted the blanket and threw it on the ground, she slipped her nightgown: now we were both naked. Her turgid breasts rubbed against my erect nipples. At that moment I realized that I was in her total leap. I liked giving myself to her. I told her that she was now the absolute master of my body and that she could do anything with me. She started sucking my nipples, giving me small bites in the belly and then going down to the pubis and then even further down to kiss me, lick me and suck my big and small lips until she managed to penetrate my vagina with her tongue. They were rhythmic movements, to each of which I gasped and gave more and more until I reached total abandonment, my complete surrender to the will of Sonia that had also become my determined will to enjoy and to make her feel the same state of bliss in which our mad fever of the senses had made us sink. Now it was no longer her tongue that gave me strong sensations, but first a finger then two together penetrated me and touched the wet walls of the vagina, while Sonia with her tongue titillated the clitoris. My God, what an unspeakable feeling... what happiness! I would have liked her to stop to give me a moment's break, on the other hand, I did not want to give up ‐ because too excited ‐ to that increasingly intense pleasure... And then... And then... exploded into a celestial orgasm that I had never experienced in my life and that no man had managed to make me try: my first vaginal orgasm with a gush of liquid that came out to me in the supreme moment: the female ejaculation, which I had heard of and that for me was a non‐sense, I was having it thanks to Sonia! (The much‐vaunted squirting) From that night we began to love each other; I was happy with her, I felt fulfilled! The lesbian relationship, so deprecated by well‐thinking, is the most exciting that a woman can experience while remaining attracted to the other sex. Today Sonia no longer lives with me because she moved to Germany where her husband set up a microprocessor factory. We are used to meeting every summer and we spend two fairytale weeks together in Taormina. Now I am a bisexual woman, happy to be because in this way I feel fully realized: I am sought by men and also by women. I'm happy because I love life and nature. I want to be loved as much as I can love. I believe in universal love. That's why I love men and women with all of myself and with the same intensity. Now that I am forty I have realized that true love even if it can be crazily exalted by passion has no sex but has a heart that will eternally beat!

(English translation of "Jeena, storia di una bisex" traceable in APHORISM.IT ‐ 'Racconti' by Giovanni Mascellaro)